Global trade and gdp growth by president

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Since then, tensions have escalated further after Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile over Japan and undertook its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. The OEC data shows that 3. Global trade and gdp growth by president earlier this year, the Indian government said it would stop all trade with North Koreaexcept for food and medicine.

So what goods does North Korea trade? Its biggest imports are refined petroleum, woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn, delivery trucks, soybean oil and broadcasting equipment, according to the OEC.

The latest UN sanctions include a ban on the key North Korean exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood. The burst of economic growth was driven by the mining and energy sectors. Reuters also noted that the manufacture of components for North Korea's missiles would be included in GDP figuresboosting the growth rate.

North Korea also increased exports by 4. Although growing, North Korea's economy struggles to meet the basic needs of its people.

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